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Custom Made Hydrualic Manifolds

Custom Made Hydrualic Manifolds

Custom made manifolds are manifolds that are specifically designed for the customer.
The manifold design is held as confidential information on behalf of the customer
and will be released at any time upon request.

During the design process our experienced team will help you create the best
hydraulic manifold for your fluid power application.



As part of the design process for a custom made manifolds the following factors are taken into account:

  • Flow rate and velocities
  • Pressure rating of the manifold and the associated parts.
  • Suitability of the components and circuit application.
  • Machinability of the final design
  • Physical constraints of the final assembly

Specialised hydraulic manifold design software by Vest Inc. is used to ensure the design is
meets all the application and safety requirements.

Contact our friendly staff with your enquiry today.
To contact us send an e-mail or phone us on 0439396041.

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